Jeremy Leming, owner/operator of QuantumK9 in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a US Army veteran and has been training dogs in pet obedience, search and rescue, personal protection, protection sports, and service related venues since 1999. For ten years as a volunteer canine search specialist with FEMA’s Indiana Task Force One and the Canine Urban Response Team, Jeremy and his dog Greif were deployed to look for lost, missing, or trapped people during Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, and Ike as well as several Tornadoes and numerous local cases across the state of Indiana. He also developed and instructed seminars in canine motivation for the K9 Search and Rescue Foundation.

Jeremy’s training philosophy is based on real world experience of working dogs in the field searching for lost or missing persons, training and trialing in the sport of Schutzhund, as well as working with pet dog owners to create a positive relationship.

This diverse exposure to the dog world has created an eclectic approach to training which includes motivation, operant and classical conditioning, leadership, appropriate correction, and an in depth understanding of dog’s instinctual drives.
Jeremy was a training helper in the protection sport of Schutzhund for several different clubs over the years, where he also did decoy work for police canines and helped train new handlers in search and rescue. Jeremy considers himself blessed to have had a stream of great dogs to work with, including multiple National Champions, multiple World level competitors, multiple National level competitors, multiple Regional Champions, as well as many young dogs working towards titles.
QuantumK9 is a product of Jeremy’s life long love of dogs and his desire to help dog owner’s realize their goals, regardless of what those goals may be.